When you use our products and services, you accept our terms and conditions, so you must
read our usage policy below.
Note: By accepting these conditions you are legally binding since the aforementioned
conditions are a document with full legal validity.
1. Introduction:
Apps of IAAA Technologies Pvt Ltd can be accessed by all types of people and companies in
order to offer or search for products and services.
Our apps provide some services for free to all of its users, and other services need to be
1.1. Purpose:
Our mission is to simplify global contact between people who are interested in offering their
services, products and knowledge and those who are interested in acquiring these products
or contracting the services offered, providing tools to all users of the platform that allow
them to have security and trust in transactions developed through Apps of IAAA
Technologies Pvt Ltd.
Our services have been designed to promote economic opportunities among our members,
allowing them to get to know each other and offer all kinds of services within the
framework of a relationship of security and trust.
1.2. Agreement:
By using our products or services, you are giving your will to be bound by a contract so you
accept all the terms and conditions of the platform, being responsible at all times for the
improper use of it and the falseness in the information provided .
You also accept our Privacy Policy, which regulates how we collect, use, share, transfer or
transmit and store personal information provided by you and other users.
You agree that by clicking on "Register", or other similar link, when registering, accessing or
using our products or services, you enter into a legally binding agreement, even if you are
using our Services on behalf of a company or as legal representative of any other type of
legal entity.
It is recorded that by becoming part of the agreement referred to in the previous paragraph
you are establishing a contractual relationship with IAAA Technologies Pvt Ltd.
This contract includes the Terms of Use, the Privacy Policy and all other terms that are
published when you first use certain functions of the platform. You expressly authorize that
these conditions may be modified periodically and unilaterally by Apps of IAAA Technologies
Pvt Ltd, with the platform only having the obligation to make available the changes made to
the corresponding website.
If you are not satisfied with this agreement, DO NOT click on "Sign Up" (or any other similar
link) and do not access or otherwise use our Services.
The users subscribed to our Services are "Members" and the unsubscribed users are
"Visitors". This Agreement applies to both.
2. Obligations:
2.1. Requirements to use the Services:
Through this contract you agree to the following:
Fulfill the general requirements to subscribe this Agreement and be of LEGAL AGE to use the
services of the platform. Among the general requirements are those related to: legal
capacity, absence of defects, licit object, legal cause and the rest contemplated by the
legislation of Karnataka, India as necessary to be bound.
In consideration of the above general obligations you agree that:
1. Be of legal age according to the legislation that requires it. Minors cannot use the Services
of the platform at any time.
2. You must create an account that must be in your real name. To create the account you
must provide the minimum data required in the registry
3. Apps of IAAA Technologies Pvt Ltd has not restricted the use of the Services
4. You are responsible at all times for the accuracy of the data provided and the damages
that may be caused to third parties or to Apps of IAAA Technologies Pvt Ltd
5. You will leave Apps of IAAA Technologies Pvt Ltd and its partners harmless at all times
from any legal or extrajudicial claim that third parties may present in response to improper
use of the platform. The damages caused may be charged to the means of payment that has
been registered.
6. At no time will you use the platform as a means to develop illicit activities
7. You must accept our personal data processing policy and agree to be part of and maintain
our database. You authorize previously, expressly and informally to Apps of IAAA
Technologies Pvt Ltd to treat all the personal information provided in the manner and by
the means that Apps of IAAA Technologies Pvt Ltd deems appropriate for the objectives
stated in the beginning of these conditions, this authorization includes the possibility of
compiling the information in bases of data and consequently transfer or transmit them to
third parties.
8. Recognize that the ownership of the platform and the technological developments
thereof are from Apps of IAAA Technologies Pvt Ltd and no use, sale or other type of
provision is possible without the express authorization of Apps of IAAA Technologies Pvt Ltd
9. You will be able to receive notifications and information of additional services provided
by Apps of IAAA Technologies Pvt Ltd or associates that will be able to expand the service
platform and allow interfaces with other applications.
10. You can receive advertising information or promotional material from third parties
11. Apps of IAAA Technologies Pvt Ltd reserves the right to terminate a subscription, cancel
an account or prevent access to the platform without prior notice and without the need to
express its justification, of any user and visitor if it considers the duties and obligations
under its responsibility unfulfilled. This decision will not give the right to claim damages
against Apps of IAAA Technologies Pvt Ltd.
12. Apps of IAAA Technologies Pvt Ltd may also transfer information to the competent
authorities if required or to find evidence of the existence of a crime. If you have knowledge
or indications of the occurrence of a crime, you must report it to Apps of IAAA Technologies
Pvt Ltd.
13. If you create a profile in favor of a legal person, you must have sufficient legal capacity
and authorization to create a user
2.2. Your affiliation to Apps of IAAA Technologies Pvt Ltd:
You are obliged to:
1. Fill in the required information
2. Protect your password
3. Do not share your account with other people
4. Follow our rules and the relevant legislation
5. Provide only and truthfully verifiable and verifiable information.
With the subscription of this contract you agree to:
1. Choose a difficult and secure password
2. Protect and maintain the confidentiality of your password
3. Do not transfer any part of your account (such as your contacts or groups)
4. Comply with the relevant legislation and the provisions of this document, especially in
order to determine what can and can not be done in Apps of IAAA Technologies Pvt Ltd.
You are responsible for everything that happens in your account unless you close it or we
are notified that it is not being used correctly. Apps of IAAA Technologies Pvt Ltd will only
and exclusively respond for the diligent fulfillment of the validation payment service
procedure, never for the result thereof; Apps of IAAA Technologies Pvt Ltd will never
respond for the falsehood of the documents registered by the users.
2.3. Payment:
Regarding the payment you are obliged to:
1. Fulfill your payment obligations (among which it is important to pay in the form and by
the agreed means), Accept that we store the financial information of the payment that
follows; it is necessary to mention that according to certain legislations, this information has
a sensitive nature, for which it is informed that it is not obliged to give it so that if it does
not agree with providing this information, it can validly abstain from entering the platform;
in the same way it is informed that there may be taxes and fees added to our prices and
that in no case we guarantee refunds
2. If you buy any of our Payment Services ("Premium Services"), you agree to pay us the
relevant fees and taxes. Failure to pay these fees may result in the termination of your
subscription. The renewal of these services and the charge to your credit card will be
3. Apps of IAAA Technologies Pvt Ltd may offer additional services whose conditions will be
explained previously so that you decide to accept them or not.
4. Rates will be expressed in a legal currency. The exchange rates that apply to the
payments will be defined by the operator of the means of payment.
In addition to the above, it must be taken into account that:
Your purchase may be subject to exchange rates or price differences depending on your
location (for example, exchange rates).
You authorize us to store and continue billing your payment method (such as your credit
card, Debit Card, Internet Banking), even after it has expired, to avoid interruptions in
service (subscriptions) and to facilitate the payment of new services.
You must pay us the relevant fees and taxes unless you cancel the Premium Service, in
which case you agree to continue paying these fees until the end of the relevant
subscription period.
Taxes are calculated based on the billing information you gave us at the time of purchase.
2.4. Notifications and messages about the Services:
Considering notifications and messages that come from our services, you as a user accept
that we use our websites, our mobile applications and email to notify you of important
This Agreement applies to mobile applications as well. In addition, you agree that additional
information may be shared with Apps of IAAA Technologies Pvt Ltd.
If the contact information you provide is not up to date, you may not receive these
notifications so it is mandatory to keep the information updated throughout the period that
the platform uses.
You expressly accept that we communicate with you in the following ways: (1) a notice in
the form of a banner on the Service, or (2) an email message sent to the address you
provide, or (3) through other means including a mobile number, landline or mailing address.
2.5. Messages and information exchange:
When you share information, other people will be able to see, copy and use that
information. Our Services allow users and visitors to post messages and share information in
many ways such as their profile, slides, links to news articles, job ads, messages and blogs.
The information and content that you share or publish may be viewed by other members or,
if public, by visitors. When the configuration option exists, we will respect the choices you
make about who can see the content or information (such as sharing with a group instead of
your network, changing the default configuration from public to a more restrictive
view).Keep in mind that other activities, such as requesting a job or sending a message, are
by default private and can only be seen by the recipient.
We are not obliged to publish information or contents in our Service and we may withdraw
them at our sole discretion, with or without prior notice.
3. Rights and limitations:
3.1. Your license regarding Apps of IAAA Technologies Pvt Ltd:
You are the owner of all the content, comments and personal data you provide, but you also
grant us a non-exclusive license with respect to such information.
You agree to only provide us with the information and content you are entitled to and that
the information in your Apps of IAAA Technologies Pvt Ltd profile is true.
Between Apps of IAAA Technologies Pvt Ltd and you, you are the owner of the content and
information you provide or post on the Services, and you only grant Apps of IAAA
Technologies Pvt Ltd the following non-exclusive license: a worldwide, transferable,
sublicensed right to use, copy, modify, distribute, publish and treat information and content
that you provide to us through our Services without any additional consent, notification or
compensation for you or a third party. These rights are limited in the following ways:
You may terminate this license for specific content by deleting it from the Services, or in
general by closing your account, except (a) to the extent that you have shared it with others
as part of the Service and in turn have copied or stored it and (b) ) during the reasonable
time it takes to remove it from backup copies and other systems. In any of these cases, the
license is understood to be extended until the termination of the treatment.
We will not include your content in advertising other people's products and services
(including sponsored content) for others without your explicit consent. However, we have
the right, without indemnifying you or a third party, to publish ads near its content and
information, and your comments may be viewed in sponsored content as described in the
Privacy Policy.
We will obtain your consent if we want to give other people the right to publish your
information outside the Service, even though you agree to this through this agreement.
However, other Members and / or Visitors may access and share their content and
information, depending on their configuration and their degree of connection with them.
Although we can edit and make format changes to its content (how to translate it, modify
the size, design or type of file, or delete metadata), we will not modify the meaning of its
As you own your content and information, and we only have non-exclusive rights to them,
you may choose to share it with third parties, such as through a license. However, you
expressly authorize Apps of IAAA Technologies Pvt Ltd to freely transfer or transmit the data
entered into the platform with third parties anywhere in the world.
Additionally with the signing of this agreement you agree that we may access, store and use
any information you provide in accordance with the terms of the Privacy Policy and your
privacy settings.
By sending suggestions or other comments about our Services to Apps of IAAA Technologies
Pvt Ltd, you agree that Apps of IAAA Technologies Pvt Ltd will use and share (not
necessarily) such comments for any purpose without compensating you. Agrees to provide
only content and information that does not violate the relevant legislation or the rights of
third parties (such as intellectual property rights or breach of a contract). The user also
agrees to provide true information in his profile. Apps of IAAA Technologies Pvt Ltd may be
required by law to withdraw certain information or content in certain countries.
Apps of IAAA Technologies Pvt Ltd is committed to help people and organizations protect
their intellectual property rights. Our terms of usage do not allow posting content that
violates someone else’s intellectual property rights, including copyright and trademark.
Content that you upload such as videos, photos or audios as posts or by any other name –
may be protected by intellectual property laws.
You are the owner of the content that you create and share on Apps of IAAA Technologies
Pvt Ltd and own the intellectual rights without any restrictions. You can share your content
with freedom.
Apps of IAAA Technologies Pvt Ltd platform is to express yourself and to share content that
is important and meaningful to you and to others on the platform, but we believe this
should not be at the expense of the safety and well-being of others or the integrity of our
community. You therefore agree not to engage in the conduct described below (or to
facilitate or support others in doing so):
You are not to post or share anything:
That violates these terms and conditions of Apps of IAAA Technologies Pvt Ltd
That is unlawful, misleading, discriminatory, injury prone, dangerous, pornographic, explicit
or fraudulent content.
That infringes or violates someone else's rights, including their intellectual property rights.
We have the right to remove or restrict access to content that is in violation of these
To help support our community, we encourage you to report content or conduct that you
believe violates your rights or of others such as intellectual property rights or our terms and
3.2. Availability of Services:
Regarding availability of our services you agree that Apps of IAAA Technologies Pvt Ltd can
change or withdraw any of our Services. We cannot guarantee that we will store or continue
to display the information or content that you have published.
It states that we can change, suspend or withdraw any Service, or change and modify future
rates at our sole discretion. To the extent permitted by law, these changes will be effective
when communicated.
Apps of IAAA Technologies Pvt Ltd is not a storage service, therefore, accepts that we have
no obligation to store, preserve or provide a copy of any content or information you
provide, except to the extent required by law and in the cases described in clause 3.1. of our
Privacy Policy.
3.3. Other content, websites and applications:
You agree that when you view or use the content and information of third parties posted on
our Services, you do so at your own risk.
We inform you that other companies could offer their own products and services through
Apps of IAAA Technologies Pvt Ltd, and we are not responsible for the activities they carry
By using the Services, you may find content or information that may be inaccurate,
incomplete, outdated, misleading, illegal, offensive or harmful. Apps of IAAA Technologies
Pvt Ltd does not review in general the contents provided by our Members therefore you
accept to be exempt from liability for the content or information of third parties (including
from other Members) or for the damages derived from their use or trust placed in them.
You are responsible for deciding whether you want to access or use applications or websites
of third parties that have a link from our Services. If you allow an application or website to
authenticate you or connect to your Apps of IAAA Technologies Pvt Ltd account, that
application or website will be able to access your information and that of your Apps of IAAA
Technologies Pvt Ltd contacts. Third party applications and websites have their own legal
terms and privacy policies, and may be giving permission to third parties to use your
information so we would not use it. Except in limited cases where required by the relevant
legislation, Apps of IAAA Technologies Pvt Ltd is not responsible for these other websites
and applications; use them at your own risk.
3.4 Limitations:
We have the right to limit the way you connect and interact in our Services. Below, we
provide you with information about our intellectual property rights:
Apps of IAAA Technologies Pvt Ltd reserves the right to limit your use of the Services,
including your number of contacts and your ability to contact other members. Apps of IAAA
Technologies Pvt Ltd reserves the right to restrict, suspend or close your account if you
believe that you may have breached this Agreement or the law or that you are misusing the
Services (such as infringing some of the things that should and should not be done).
Apps of IAAA Technologies Pvt Ltd reserves all its intellectual property rights in the Services.
For example, logos, Apps of IAAA Technologies Pvt Ltd brands, service marks, graphics and
images used in connection with Apps of IAAA Technologies Pvt Ltd. Other brands and logos
used in connection with the Services may be trademarks of their respective owners
4. Exclusion and limitation of liability:
4.1. Exclusion of guarantee
Some laws do not allow certain liability exclusions, so some or all of these exclusions may
not apply to you.
4.2 Exclusion of liability:
These are the limitations of legal liability that we may have in relation to you.
To the extent permitted by law (and unless Apps of IAAA Technologies Pvt Ltd has entered
into an independent written contract to replace this agreement), Apps of IAAA Technologies
Pvt Ltd (and those who work with it to provide the services) will not be liable for any
indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages. , consequential or punitive, or for the
loss of data, opportunities, reputation or income benefits related to the services (such as
offensive or defamatory statements, lost time, use or changes in your information or
content). The responsibility of Apps of IAAA Technologies Pvt Ltd (and of those who work
with the company to provide the services) will not exceed in any case, once all the claims
are added, the amount that is less than (a) five times the most recent monthly or annual fee
that has paid for a premium service, if applicable, or (b) 1,000 US dollars.
This limitation of liability is part of the agreement between you and Apps of IAAA
Technologies Pvt Ltd, and will apply to all claims of liability (such as warranty, damage,
negligence, contract, law), even if Apps of IAAA Technologies Pvt Ltd has been informed of
this damage, and even if you are solutions do not undermine its essential purpose.
Some laws do not allow limitation or exclusion of liability, so these limitations may not apply
to you.
5. Termination:
Both parties may terminate this Agreement at any time. Apps of IAAA Technologies Pvt Ltd
or You may terminate this Agreement at any time after notifying the other party. Once the
contract is terminated, you will lose the right to access and use the Services. The following
will continue to apply after termination:
Our right to use and disclose your comments.
The right of Users and Visitors to re-share content and information that you shared through
the Service to the extent that they were copied or re-shared before the rescission.
Clauses 4, 6 and 7 of this Agreement.
Any amount owed by either party before the termination will continue after the
6. Conflict resolution:
In the unlikely event of a legal dispute, this will take place before the courts of Karnataka,
India and its law will apply.
Accepts that the legislation of Karnataka, India. Except in cases of conflict of jurisdiction, is
the only one that resolves any dispute related to this Agreement and / or the Services. We
both agree that all of these lawsuits can only be filed with the federal or state courts of
Karnataka, India, and we both agree to submit to the jurisdiction of those courts.
7. General provisions:
The following is important information about how to read the Agreement.
If a court with authority over this Agreement finds that any clause is not enforceable, you
and we agree that the court will modify the terms of the Agreement to be able to execute
that part as long as it continues to achieve its intent. If the court can not do so, we agree to
ask you to withdraw the part that can not be enforced and continue to apply the rest of the
Settlement. This Agreement (including additional terms that we may provide to you when
you use a feature of the Services) is the only agreement between us regarding the Services
and supersedes any prior agreement of the Services.
If we do not act in case of breach of this Agreement, this does not mean that Apps of IAAA
Technologies Pvt Ltd has waived its right to enforce the Agreement before the courts. You
may not assign or transfer this Agreement (or your account or use of the Services) to anyone
without our consent. However, you accept that Apps of IAAA Technologies Pvt Ltd transfers
this Agreement to its affiliated companies or to a third party that purchases it without your
consent. There are no other beneficiaries of this Agreement. We reserve the right to change
the terms of this Agreement and will notify you if we do; We accept that the changes can
not be retroactive. If you do not agree with these changes, you must stop using the Services.
Accept that the only way to send us a notification will be at the address provided in Clause
8. What you should do and should not do with Apps of IAAA Technologies Pvt Ltd:
8.1. What is to be done. You accept:
Comply with all relevant laws, including, among others, privacy laws, intellectual property
laws, anti-spam laws, export control laws, tax and tax laws, and other regulatory
Provide us with accurate, truthful information and keep it updated.
Use your real name in the profile.
Use the Services in a professional manner.
8.2. What you should not do. You agree that you will not do the following:
Act in a dishonest or unprofessional manner, including the publication of inappropriate,
inaccurate or objectionable content.
Add content in fields that are not designed for that content (such as typing the phone
number in the field for the "charge" or in any other field or include phone numbers, email
addresses, postal addresses or other personal information to those that Apps of IAAA
Technologies Pvt Ltd does not provide a field).
Use an image or a face photo that does not look like yours.
Create a false identity in Apps of IAAA Technologies Pvt Ltd.
False your current or previous charges and your qualifications.
False your links to a person or entity, past or current.
Misrepresent your identity, such as using a pseudonym.
Create a Member profile for someone other than you (a natural person).
Use or attempt to use another person's account.
Harassing, abusing or hurting another person.
Send spam or other unwanted communications to other people.
Use the scrape method or copy profiles and information from other people through any
means (including crawlers, navigation plugins and add-ons, and any other technology or
manual programs).
Act in an illegal, abusive, obscene, discriminatory or otherwise reprehensible manner.
Reveal information that you do not have the right to disclose (such as confidential
information of others, including your company).
Infringe the intellectual property rights of others such as patents, trademarks, trade secrets,
copyright or other property rights.
Infringe the intellectual property or other rights of Apps of IAAA Technologies Pvt Ltd,
including, without limitation, the use of the word Apps of IAAA Technologies Pvt Ltd or our
logos in any commercial name, email or URL.
Use Apps of IAAA Technologies Pvt Ltd invitations to send messages to people who do not
know about it or who are unlikely to recognize it as a known contact.
Publish unsolicited or unauthorized advertising, promotional material, "junk mail", "spam",
"chain letters", "pyramid schemes" and any other form of advertising not authorized by
Apps of IAAA Technologies Pvt Ltd.
Send messages to distribution lists, aliases of newsgroups or aliases of groups.
Publish anything that contains programs viruses, worms or any other harmful code.
Manipulate the identifiers to hide the origin of any message or publication transmitted
through the Services.
Create profiles or provide content that promotes company or prostitution services
Create or operate a pyramid scheme, fraud or other similar practice.
Copy or use the information, content or data of other people available in the Services
(except when expressly authorized).
Copy or use information, content or data in Apps of IAAA Technologies Pvt Ltd in relation to
a service of the competition (determined by Apps of IAAA Technologies Pvt Ltd).
Copy, modify or create derivative works of Apps of IAAA Technologies Pvt Ltd, the Services
or any related technology (except when expressly authorized by Apps of IAAA Technologies
Pvt Ltd).
Use reverse engineering techniques, decompile, disassemble, decipher or otherwise try to
obtain the source code of the Services or any related technology or part of it.
Give an understanding or declare that you are affiliated or endorsed by Apps of IAAA
Technologies Pvt Ltd without our express consent (for example, to introduce yourself as an
accredited Apps of IAAA Technologies Pvt Ltd trainer).
Rent, lease, do business, sell or resell access to the Services or any other information or
related data.
Sell, sponsor or obtain an economic benefit from a Apps of IAAA Technologies Pvt Ltd group
or any other function of the Services without the consent of Apps of IAAA Technologies Pvt
Establish links to specific pages of our Services for any other reason than promoting your
profile or a Apps of IAAA Technologies Pvt Ltd group (as established in the Trademark
Guidelines), without the consent of Apps of IAAA Technologies Pvt Ltd.
Remove notices of copyright, trademark or other property rights contained in our Service.
Remove, cover or hide any advertising included in the Services.
Collect, use, copy or transfer any information obtained from Apps of IAAA Technologies Pvt
Ltd without the consent of Apps of IAAA Technologies Pvt Ltd.
Share or reveal information of other people without their express consent.
Use automated or manual programs, devices, script robots, other means or processes of
access, plagiarize or hack the Services through the methods of "scrape", "crawl" or "spider"
or any other data or related information.
Use bots or other automated methods to access the Services, to add or download contacts
or to send or redirect messages.
Control the availability, performance or operation of the Services for competitive purposes.
Perform «framing» or «mirroring» or otherwise simulate the appearance or function
of the Services.
Access the Services except through the interfaces expressly provided by Apps of IAAA
Technologies Pvt Ltd, such as its mobile applications.
Cancel any security function of the Services.
Interfere in the operation or load the Services in an unreasonable manner (such as spam,
attack through denial of service, viruses, game algorithms).
9. Complaints regarding the content:
We respect the intellectual property rights of other people. We demand that the
information published by the members be accurate and that it does not infringe the rights
of intellectual property or other rights of third parties. We have a policy and procedure for
filing complaints about content posted by our Members.
10. How to contact us:
If you want to send us notifications, notifications, report a user or visitor or send us
information about a specific procedure, contact us: